Black Bean Beef Stir Fry


2 people

Cook Time

15 min


400g rump steak
1 tbsp cornflour
1 tbsp peanut oil
2 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp minced ginger
1 Simply Salads Stir Fry Vegetables
½ cup black bean sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1/3 cup water
1 spring onion, chopped
1 cup steamed white rice (optional)


Slice rump steak thinly. Toss in cornflour.

Heat peanut oil in wok or frypan over high heat. Add rump steak and fry for a few minutes until cooked through. Remove from heat.

Add garlic and ginger and sauté for 2 minutes until fragrant. Add stir fry vegetables and cook for one minute to soften. Return beef to pan.

Add black bean sauce, sesame oil and water. Cook for a further 3-4 minutes until sauce has thickened slightly. Serve as is, or with steamed white rice.